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A Mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring collaboration. Each meeting is designed to help each member solve problems with input and advice from the group.

The Mastermind concept was developed in 1925 by author Napoleon Hill in his book The Law of Success. He described the process in more detail in his 1937 book Think and Grow Rich. Although there are variations, in its purest form, a Mastermind Group follows the guidelines described by Napoleon Hill.

Association of Black Business Coaches and Consultants offers an enhanced approach that includes focused presentations of practical knowledge, enabling you to develop your skills in a supportive, confidential environment.


Who is best suited for an ABBCC Mastermind?

To achieve their goals, some professionals prefer brainstorming ideas and marshaling the knowledge, support, and cooperation of other knowledgeable professionals — they find value in networking. On the other hand, some professionals are more gratified with problem-solving on their own and chasing their dreams without input.

At the Association of Black Business Coaches and Consultants, we built our organization and Mastermind process to meet the needs of coaches and consultants that understand their own individuality, but also value collaboration and shared learning. Our mastermind participants expect and receive the most value when there is both active contribution to the success of others as well as receiving valuable input.

What are the requirements for participation in an ABBCC Mastermind Group?

Participation in a mastermind group is a commitment, to yourself and to the other participants. It’s expected that mastermind participants will:

  • Attend every meeting
  • Arrive on time and plan to remain for the entire session
  • Adhere to the most conservative levels of confidentiality
  • Be an active participant
  • Value the concept of “give and take”
  • Maintain a noncompetitive group environment
  • Fully commit to the group’s purpose
  • Keep their camera on for the duration of video meetings
  • Remain open to advice when on the Hot Seat
  • Give advice, referral, and support to every member as appropriate
  • Be respectful of others and of the group rules
  • Adhere to standards of professional etiquette

While there may be a cost to participate in future cohorts, the ABBCC Mastermind groups that launch in Spring 2022 are at no cost to participants.

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