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Take Charge of Your Professional Development

Years ago, I identified career rust-out as a real career killer that allows competencies to become obsolete and talents to grow stale. In my work, I have pointed out that rust-out results from the development of valuable competencies and knowledge that the coach or consultant fails to utilize successfully. The rusted-out coach or consultant becomes stuck, and the relevance of

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The Client’s Culture Will Affect Your Consultancy

Organizational culture is your client’s distinct personality that can make or break your consultancy project. I suggest, for the sake of the organization and the project, that you understand the client’s culture and address culture issues in a timely way. Later in this blog, I give four aspects of organizational culture to consider. What contributes

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How To Maintain Your Professional Network

Having a strong professional network is important to entrepreneurial success. No matter how large or small, a network of support provides benefits beyond measure. Here are five recommendations for maintaining the supports you need. Do you find ways to support members of your network? On a daily basis, review posts on social media (LinkedIn, Instagram,

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Overcoming Barriers As A Consultant

Read on! In his 2020 Forbes article Rod Walker, the current President of Consulting at Kotter, shares some of his experiences as a management consultant and some of the challenges that we inevitably face in the work environment. But beyond identifying challenges he offers some potential solutions. Briefly, Walker makes the following recommendations: Remain poised

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