About Us

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Coming together for mutual growth and success


A supportive community built by us, for us.

More that just an affinity group or a club, the Association of Black Business Coaches & Consultants is a membership organization designed to build the skills and business networks that enable our members to be more successful in their chosen professions.

While our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests, we share a common goal: to better ourselves while helping to better others.

Our Goal

To create a vibrant community that allows Black Coaches and Consultants to continually develop their skills and abilities, to create new relationships and partnerships, and to be seen as the leaders, experts and professionals that they are.

Our Team

Ray Mitchell


Ray is a Marketing Consultant that specializes in working with businesses that serve their local communities and community-focused non-profit organizations.

Donna Coles


Donna is a certified Leadership Skills Development Coach and has worked with individuals and groups for over three decades. She is a licensed psychotherapist.