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Overcoming Barriers As A Consultant

Read on! In his 2020 Forbes article Rod Walker, the current President of Consulting at Kotter, shares some of his experiences as a management consultant and some of the challenges that we inevitably face in the work environment. But beyond identifying challenges he offers some potential solutions.

Briefly, Walker makes the following recommendations:

  • Remain poised when confronted with difficult situations and get comfortable with dealing with the uncomfortable.
  • Be assertive when presenting your assessments and recommendations. Use your visibility as a minority as an opportunity to provide visible results.
  • As you grow in your career, find the right mentors and sponsors to be your advocates. Develop a rock-solid support system that you can count on.
  • Always be a team player. Don’t try so hard to impress that you take credit for your team’s, or the client’s, achievements.

You can get the full details in his article, Minorities In Consulting – How To Overcome Workplace Barriers on the Forbes website.

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